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The Most Immersive Flying Experience!!

FPV drones are quickly becoming a huge trend within the drone industry. What is a FPV drone? FPV stands for first-person view. Flying an FPV drone, means that the pilot see’s what the drone sees.   Traditional drones are flown through the pilot’s perspective on the ground. FPV drones are piloted through the perspective of the drone via an onboard camera that is placed on the drone and transmits a livestream straight to FPV goggles, a headset, a smartphone device, or other screen. FPV drones offer the pilot a much more immersive flying experience, which can be shared with anyone watching the video captured.   The benefits of flying an FPV drone?   An immersive experience that uses technology to provide pilots with the most futuristic viewing. Precise flying and better accuracy allowing quicker reactions and better awareness of surroundings. Allows the pilot to capture stunning aerial images and video footage. Can be flown indoors as well to showcase the internal features of a
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Essex Cladding Drone Shoot

  Essex Cladding Team Ltd are specialist in cladding and Installation of aluminium glazed buildings. They required a drone pilot to carry out a shoot to capture the cladding they recently installed at two separate locations.  The first building was Lyra Court, located in North Acton and the second was The Stage in Shoreditch.  Watch the video below to see what was captured at The Stage. If you require drone video/photography footage, contact Quote 4 Drones, to  Get A Quote

Volumech Drone Shoot

  Volumech a Cemen Tech company, in Gloucester, who provide a volumetric mixer service and refurbishments in the UK, required a drone pilot to carry out a company video and photo shoot of employees gathered in front of a fleet of volumetric cement mixers. Watch the video below to see how the drone pilot was able to capture all Volumech requirements. If you require aerial video/photography of a business premises, contact Quote 4 Drones, to  Get A Quote

The Power of A Hand Wave

Did you know? The DJI Spark is a mini drone that features all DJI’s well know technologies and the first drone to respond to intelligent hand gesture and obstacle sensing. Using the force of a simple hand wave, you can launch the spark drone from the palm of your hand, hover it to the correct position and take the perfect picture. This powerful flying camera that you can take anywhere, is intended to Spark your imagination, and push your creativity, with the capability to take high quality photos and videos. The DJI Spark is known to attract a crowd, as people enjoy seeing the human hand telling a drone what to do, like in this demonstration video below of the breakthrough DJI Spark drone. Makes for some interesting viewing.   The Spark could potentially open the door to other gesture-controlled consumer devices. If you haven’t already investigated using drones in your organisation, now is the time. Why not give us a call today to discuss your requirements for 2022. We can get

Calijan Drone Shoot

  Calijan a Logistics Automation Technology organization in Milton Keynes have grown substantially during the last year. To illustrate this growth they wanted to carry out a drone shot showing their whole premises from an aerial view. The shot was to include visibility   of the entrance, their flag/flagpole and the company signage. Watch the video below to see how the drone pilot was able to capture all Calijan’s requirements. If you require aerial video/photography of a business premises, contact  Quote 4 Drones,  to  Get A Quote

Drone Virtual Tour: Holiday Parks

  A virtual tour is a great opportunity to showcase any holiday park or campsite at it's best. Drone video and photography can provide an interactive experience that simply cannot be matched by static photography. Unlike traditional photography, aerial shots give a new sense of perspective as well as showing off the great location and facilities of a holiday park or camp site.  A Drone can capture all the important visuals to communicate a brands identity and present facilities in the best light. Drone footage will help to promote a holiday park and can attract new customers that may not have seen the facilities before especially when viewing the unique angles from above which would be engaging and can lead to an increase in bookings.   Take a look at what Partington Park have created using a drone: If you own a holiday property, cottage, caravan or campsite and you would like to use a drone video to help make your property stand out from your competition, contact Quote 4 Drone